Specialistische zorg
voor klachten in het hoofd- hals- en kaakgebied
Onderdeel van
Fysio Michielsen-van Rossem

Welcome to Orofacial Physical Therapy Eindhoven

The orofacial physical therapist can help when you are experiencing discomfort in muscles and joints located in the head, neck or jaw system. Also referred to as a “jaw physical therapist”, this term only covers the area of expertise partially. This type of physical therapist specialises through extensive schooling in the areas of posture and movement limitations for the head, neck and jaw system.

My name is Truus Michielsen. I have been a physical therapist for many years specializing in manual therapy and lymphoedema therapy and in 2006 I have added the specialization oral facial therapy to my area of expertise. Through combining these different specializations and the passion I bring to my profession, I have been treating patients with specific complaints in the head, neck and jaw areas for many years. A special area of attention is the treatment of dizziness and headaches in all their different shapes and forms. To provide the best possible service I collaborate with the other physical therapists in my practice, Fysio Michielsen – van Rossem. Complaints in the head and neck area can be complex and elaborate. Therefore, we collaborate with other specialists like dentists, gnathologists, oral and maxillofacial  surgeons, orthodontists, ENT physicians and neurologists.